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Real Biosecurity for the Heartland

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Sylvia Beeman 785-539-9369

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Paul Irvine 785-776-6083

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4 Responses to “Contact Us”

  1. I am very glad to see that there is some organized opposition to this proposed project. We have a Governor that believes CO2 pollution from a coal fired power generation plant poses an intolerable danger to the environment but the executive branch of government supports importation of the most deadly microbes in the world to the flint hills. The economic impact of the release of hoof and mouth disease into the heartland is incalculable. Thanks. Sincerely, Ed Pugh, Wamego

  2. charles&donna kaus said

    We support the organized opposition to NBAF. Having this lab in the heartland is very dangerous. We agree with all the aspects of the opposition not the mention the many livestock trucks, rodeos, etc., we have come into our city from the well traveled I-70 corridor. KSU Vet hospital treats livestock from all over the country, an accidental release could be spread to many states in a matter of hours.

  3. jenn! said

    Ok, so I just heard about this and i think that’s a shame. You would think that there would be heavy heavy coverage on an issue this big, but there just hasn’t been. I need to know what you’re doing to fight this and how i can help.

  4. Save_PIADC said

    I agree with Jenn!

    Standing by ready to help.

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