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Considering Reality at KSU NBAF

Posted by tmanney on September 11, 2009

#1  Placement of NBAF site BRI against KSU Football Stadium

BRI/NBAF Site across from KSU Stadium (right click for full image)

K-State Bio-Lab;

photos of vector animals across the street… downwind.

Kansas wind can carry aerosolized Foot and Mouth virus 30 miles. An infected hog can exhale 400 million viruses a day. It takes as few as 10 virus particles to infect an animal. Just a reality check, attached are seven pictures showing large numbers of vector animals within a  mile of  KSU’s NBAF site.

Imagine what would happen if an accidental release coincided with perhaps All University Open House or a KSU/Nebraska football game? How would you quarantine the surrounding area? An accident doesn’t have to happen on the hour but within the period of days before the release is recognized. With sheep that could be 10 to 15 days.

The KSU sheep pastures, used as overflow parking on game days, are just cattycorner from the proposed site. One of the several accidental FMD disease releases at Pirbright BSL-4 lab started when a tree root caused a leak in a lab sewer pipe and a truck carried contaminated mud to neighboring farms. KSU already has a $250 million backlog of deferred maintenance.

A tornado or for that matter, severe straight line winds don’t have to cause structural damage to disrupt the air pressure balance inside the lab. It only has to overwhelm the rubber air lock gaskets, or air filter seals around garage-size doors needed to bring in hay or other feed. Improbable as it may be, the prospect of an earthquake has the Corps of Engineers spending millions of dollars stabilizing Tuttle Creek Dam, a geologically insignificant distance from NBAF (Humboldt Fault Line <>

Ranchers in Riley and adjacent counties own about 450,000 livestock. Now picture the sheep pasture “parking lot” emptying, with KSU and Nebraska fans driving in all directions …back to their farms.

Government funded Project Crimson calculated that a release would reach 35 states in 10 days.

Bill Dorsett

1715 Leavenworth

Manhattan, KS


#3  Sheep in KSU football overflow parking across corner from NBAF

KSU sheep pastures in football overflow cattycorner from NBAF (right click for full image)

#5  KSU Beef Cattle Research Center NBAF 1.5 miles background

KSU Beef Cattle Research Center, 1.5 miles from NBAF site (right click for full image)

#7  KSU beef swine and dairy research 1.5 mile to NBAF

KSU beef, swine and dairy research 1.5 miles downwind from NBAF site  (right click for full image)

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