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Protest NBAF Germ Lab at Dept Homeland Security Sec Napolitano Visit

Posted by tmanney on February 9, 2009

This Tuesday, Feb. 10th, Secretary Napolitano of the Dept of Homeland Security will be visiting KSU’s Pat Roberts Hall talking about the importance of food security. We need to show that Manhattan’s support for the NBAF Germ Lab is not unanimous. We will gather at the entrance of Pat Roberts Hall across from the REC Center at 3:00 PM, expecting Gov Sebelious and Sec Napolitano to speak at 5:00 PM. Bring signs and banners expressing your disaproval.”


4 Responses to “Protest NBAF Germ Lab at Dept Homeland Security Sec Napolitano Visit”

  1. David Nagy said

    [listen here: OnDemand all day]
    Citizen spokesperson BILL DORSETT explains the numerous concerns to moving Plum Island to Kansas State University in Manhattan, Kansas(or anywhere in Tornado Alley) – despite growing concerns Governor [Kansas] Kathleen Sebelius says she’s thrilled its official that a $450 million laboratory to study livestock diseases will be built near Kansas State To get involved please visit:

    Joining Mr. Dorsett is 7-generation rancher STEVEN ANDERSON to help citizens everywhere comprehend the negative economic, political, health and environmental issues surrounding this “Bio-Dealth Lab”.

    Related Article: Disease lab likely to be in Kansas

  2. Andrew said

    We are keeping an eye on this development here in Oklahoma and via and “Radio Free Oklahoma.” Please keep us posted.

  3. Noah said

    Yay! I can’t wait! This is going to be so good for Manhattan!!!! All these new jobs, new opportunities! Awesome! Aren’t you guys ecstatic?!!?!

  4. Kate said

    Citizens of Kansas! {Particularly Manhattan} Don’t be MISLEAD! This is NOT a good thing for Kansas, or the rest of the Heartland! In fact, it could be a catastrophe! I happened upon an episode of “Conspiracy Theory” with Jesse Ventura {TruTV} & was flabbergasted at what I learned about the NBAF & Plum Island! I beseach you to watch the episode “Plum Island” & research this issue further! This “organization” is dangerous! It’s a GERM LAB doing research in Bio-terrorism & is allegedly resposible for West Nile Virus, among other things! Bad enough, what’s happened at Plum Island….on an ISLAND; but what if such “germs” were released, or leaked in the heart of our country??? Bio & Agro DEFENSE? More like: Bio & Agro DEFEAT! Don’t be ignorant…..arm yourself with knowledge & take a stand AGAINST this….for yourself, & possibly, the rest of the country!

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