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Planning Update — Sept. 3, 2008

Posted by tmanney on September 3, 2008

Now that the open comment period for the Draft EIS has ended and we have had a chance to catch our individual and collective breaths, we have started planning the next steps.  The consensus seems to be that now is a time for continuing self-education, public information, lobbying, and politics. Events on the horizon include the following:

Town Hall meeting to be hosted by the Manhattan City Commission and Institute for Civic Discourse and Democracy.  This will be this Sunday, Sept. 7 at 3:30 pm in the lecture hall at the Fire Department Headquarters, 2000 Denison Ave.  We would like to use this as an opportunity to query the Commissioners about implications for the City of Manhattan of the NBAF coming here.  In particular, what demands would be placed on our infrastructure — power, water, sewage treatment — and what would be the tax burden?  

The No NBAF in Kansas T-shirts are available now.  Contact Debbie Nuss at 537-7519 or The Town Hall meeting will provide an opportunity to introduce our T-shirts to the community

In view of the major publicity effort and expenditure by the proponents to discredit our opposition through the press and full-page advertising, it is important for us to continue our own letters to the editor.  If we can attract some additional donations, we can also purchase some modest advertisements.  You may send checks to No NBAF in Kansas at PO Box 0703, Manhattan, KS 66505.  To date we have run ads in The Manhattan Mercury,  High Plains Journal, Grass and Grain, and The Free Press.  So far, we have received about 20 donations totaling about $1500, with a balance of about $380.

We plan to hold another public meeting within the next week or two.  In the meantime it is important that we keep each other informed by e-mail, and especially by telephone for those without e-mail.  Please pass this information along.  We are organizing a telephone tree to be sure we get the message to everyone. 

You may reply to this entire list or to individuals with your suggestions, ideas or comments and ways you would like to help.  In particular, please let us know if you want to be included in our planning sessions. This has been a variable group based primarily on willingness and availability to meet on short notice. Everyone is welcome as long as we keep the meetings small enough to be workable and fit around someone’s dining table.

We will be posting more detailed information on the blog site:

Tom Manney, Chair



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