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Next Action: Public Demonstration

Posted by tmanney on August 20, 2008

About 70 people showed up for the meeting last night to continue our ongoing discussion, planning and actions in opposition to the Department of Homeland Security building a deadly germ lab anywhere on the US mainland, and especially in the heartland.

Our exposure in the media is rapidly expanding with letters to the editor, advertisements, and news coverage in regional print and broadcast media.

Our immediate action plan is to begin public demonstrations (highly non-violent, of course). 


3 Responses to “Next Action: Public Demonstration”

  1. Nelson Engle said

    The Mercury says 50 people, not 70.

  2. tmanney said

    For what it’s worth, our two head counters reported 68 and 75. I took the average and rounded down. We have a few more than 50 who signed the list or helped organize. The number is probably between 50 and 70. — Tom Manney

  3. Debbie said

    I was at the meeting and at one time I counted there were 80 individuals in the room, and I know I missed a few.

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