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Posted by tmanney on August 18, 2008

The following is taken from Final Selection Memorandum For Site Selection for the Second Round Potential Sites for the National Bio and Agro-defense Facility (NBAF) from the Science and Technology Directorate of the DHS.  It refers to the evaluation of the   Heartland BioAgro Consortium which submitted the local proposal.

“Additionally, the consortium demonstrated a continuing commitment to NBAF and has garnered and maintained significant community acceptance and public support for the program. Support is strong and broad from political, business, agricultural, and academic stakeholders. The coherent and persistent messaging and continuous outreach from the consortium on the benefits of placing the NBAF at this location continues to foster public support. There is no known public opposition to locating the NBAF at this site.” (Emphasis added).


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  1. “The accounting that measures the wealth of corporations,banks, and national treasuries takes no measure of the civic or economic or natural health of places like Port Royal, Kentucky, Harpster, Ohio,lIndianola, Iowa: Matfield Green, KAnsas………etc….and it does not intend to do so……
    The voices of the countryside, the voices appealing for respect for the land and for rural community, have simply not been heard in the centers of wealth, power and knowledge. The centers have decreed that the voice of the countryside shall be that of Snuffy Smith or L’il Abner, and only that voice have they been willing to hear.
    ‘The business of America is business,’ a prophet of our era too correctly said. Two corollaries are clearly implied: that the business of the American government is to serve, protect, and defend business; and that the business of the American people is to serve the government, which means to serve business……
    But when the interests of local communities and economies are relentlessly subordinated to the interests of ‘business,’ then two further catastrophes inevitably result. First, the people are increasingly estranged from the native wealth, health, knowledge, and pleasure of their country. And second, the country is destroyed.”

    Wendell Berry from his book, The Art of The Commonplace

    I am hoping that we all are aware of how important a role we play when we refuse to be relentlessly subordinated to the monied interests that are currently in control of our nation.
    See you Saturday morning at the demonstration for NO NBAF in KANSAS!

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