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Have any accidents occurred at BSL-4 or BSL-3 labs in the United States or from international labs?

Posted by nonbafks on August 13, 2008

Accidents and other safety and security problems have resulted from expansion of research involving biological defense (weapons) agents. These include laboratory-acquired infections in people working with biological weapons agents, unauthorized persons handling biological weapons agents, failure to account for stocks or biological weapons agents, and other problems.



Draft EIS, Appendix B, June 2008;

“High-Containment Biosafety Laboratories, KSH Lacks Evidence to Conclude That Foot-and-Mouth Disease Reasearch Can Be Done Safely on the U.S. Mainland, GAO May 22, 2008.

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One Response to “Have any accidents occurred at BSL-4 or BSL-3 labs in the United States or from international labs?”

  1. We’re spreading the word in NE Kansas every evening this weekend on Radio Free Kansas! I have received more than a dozen requests from readers and listeners to have the No NBAF in Kansas leaflet sent to their email boxes.

    The recent alarming disinformation campaign by local officials, as parroted by our local daily newspapers in Kansas, that incorrectly infer that Flora, Miss. is getting the bio-terror lab is pure propaganda designed to lure Kansans into supporting the site being located in Kansas.

    We must get the word out that Kansans won’t be fooled into accepting this dangerous lab ANYWHERE on the U. S. mainland.

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