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Letter to The Editor of The High Plains Journal

Posted by nonbafks on August 12, 2008

To the Editor-Holly Martin:

            We must continue our protest of this NBAF facility the DHS is trying to get into Manhattan, KS. , where they would introduce F.M.D. and some of the most dangerous pathogens in the world.   These pathogens could wreck our livestock industry, not only when a release occurred, but for years to come.  The September (latest)  issue of the Farm Journal conducted a mock outbreak of F.M.D. and the chaos that results.  Everyone should read this article.

            The G.A.O. report of May 2008, states unequivocally that the DHS has not demonstrated that it would be safe to study F.M.D. on the U.S. mainland.  The proponents will tell you how safe these labs are, but there is no way to guarantee that there will never be human error.  A good example of this is the anthrax case where Bruce Ivins took the pathogens out of the lab and dispersed it killing 5 people and sickening others. 

            This lab should not be placed on the mainland, but should be built on Plum Island, which would offer better protection due to its isolation, and due also to the fact that it is not in the middle of a large concentration of livestock.  I am in agreement that this research is important, but not in the heart of Kansas, which is one of the top beef producing states in the United States.

            There is an organization that is strongly opposing this lab.  This is called “NO NBAF IN KANSAS”.  The blog site is

            Communications may be sent to P.O. Box 703 Manhattan, KS 66505.  Contributions are welcomed and needed.  The comment period ends on August 25.  Calling the hotline number 1-866-501-NBAF (6223) is very important and must be done soon. 





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