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Make Comments on the Draft EIS

Posted by nonbafks on August 9, 2008

The public comment period for the draft Environmental Impact Statement for the National Bio- and Agrodefense Facility closes on August 25, 2008. Comments can be made by many means, details here.

It probably goes without saying that it might be useful to glance at the draft EIS before making comments. There’s a link to it in the righthand column of this site. It’s terribly long, but one can fairly easily locate the relevant sections for Manhattan, which offer plenty of material for substantive comments about underestimation of risk.


One Response to “Make Comments on the Draft EIS”

  1. Diane Ukena said

    I do not want NBAF in Kansas or even on the mainland. Keep it where it is. We have to much to lose and we have tornadoes and students on campus. It is not a smart place to put a dangerous lab. I would feel like I have to move. My family could be in danger. The middle of the Country is no place for NBAF. It would be an easy target for terrorists. We don’t even have that great of medical help or police force.

    Thanks for listening. NO TO NBAF IN MANHATTAN, KS

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